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Stephen Sweeney is a Bully, Liar, Corrupt, Fraudulent and should be in a Federal prison for Organized Crime (RICO) Sweeney consistently abuses power while serving in office. He uses law enforcement judges and courts in South Jersey and throughout the state via Christies office to intimidate, harass and destroy those they seek retaliation upon. Norcross, Sweeney and Christie are Corrupt, Sinister and Pure Evil. Greedy heartless liars who have destroyed innocent people and seek to punish those Don't do what they want

Sweeney should be in Jail. He's not fit to serve in the Senate or any political position. He gets his orders from his best friend and corrupt political boss who barely completed high school, George Norcross

Sweeney is a fraud and connartist. South Jersey is a Dump under Norcross and Sweeney. Governor Christie has abused his power and his office protecting Sweeney and Norcross from prosecution on civil right violations, Pay to Play and whistleblowers. Norcross, Sweeney and Christie should be charged under the RICO statute and sent to Prison immediately

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Clementon, New Jersey, United States #1223912

Sweeney has no remorse

He's a horrible person

He's worse than Hitler

to Anonymous Clementon, New Jersey, United States #1223936

Norcross and Sweeney have abused power. Christie assisted the.

With their crimes

Mean spirited and heartlessly corrupt. They have No Soul

They dont think about the human beings they have harmed and lives they've interrupted and they don't care. The only time they will think is when the table turns on them and their loved ones.

Who killed the Sheridans and who killed Katz.

Who do you think.

The corrupt judges they payoff to toss cases, cover up corruption and media they pay off to tell their orchestrated side stories with the intent to punish and defame those who did not do what the allies of sweeney Norcross told them. Whoremongers, demons and aldulters are the allies they protect. Bullies and abusers

The ordering of firing of jobs and the violations of the color of law for false arrests and wrongs.

The poorest city in America that has left thousands on poverty to this evil greed. Where is God? Why has he allowed these evil men to exsist. This can not go on No one should give these men anything.

If they do then they sold their souls To the south jersey Devils Aka sons of Satan All we can do is pray that Yhe Lord Christ our savior will take down these strongholds and destroy these demonic spirits. In the Mighty name of JESUS remove and destroy Norcross, Sweeney, Christie and all of their allies.

Help us Jesus. Please hear our cries and take thesr wicked men, In the name and through the blood of Jesus Amen

to Anonymous #1232866

Sweeney is a DISGRACE to New Jersey

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